By submitting a job, the customer agrees to all of the terms found here or on azhg.com. Arizona House of Graphix herein referred to as the provider, or AZHG.


You agree that you are authorized to place the order, and regardless of changes in your employment status or position within the company you currently are employed, you agree to pay for the items and services you order. By submitting the job, you give your personal guarantee that the invoice will be paid in full and on time.


100% of design, resumes, T-shirts, and partner printing and at least 60% down on printing, with balance due upon completion. All orders are considered “in progress” as soon as they are submitted and cancellations will be billed at current hourly rate for work completed up to that point. If order is completed, customer is responsible for total amount due, payable immediately. All payments are due and payable IN FULL UPON COMPLETION and interest shall accrue on all past due accounts in the amount of 2% per month. In the event the account is referred to a collection agency or attorney, customer will pay all related fees and costs incurred. A $35 service charge on all returned/cancelled checks will be added to principal, fees, interest and collection costs. All sales are final, no refunds or exchanges. Payment in full is required for partial deliveries. A Partial delivery is more than 5 pieces of printed material.


All non-quoted projects are billed at current rates. Prices are subject to change without notice. Updates are billed in quarter-hour increments at current hourly rates. Your first proof correction is free, each additional alteration will be billed accordingly. Quotes & Estimates: Written quotes are good for 30 days and are subject to review upon receipt of artwork. Verbal estimates are subject to change without notice. Alterations after quote will result in additional charges.


Turnaround time is an estimate only and is not guaranteed. AZHG is not responsible for missed deadlines. Turn-around estimate will be extended for each update or non-payment or other factors making the job not ready. Each update after your first proof may require an additional working day. Any alterations to a printing or output order may require an additional working day, or days. Rush Jobs: Jobs that require completion before the estimated or established turnaround times are subject to charges up to 200%. Turnaround estimations do not include weekends or holidays. Due to possible equipment damage AZHG unplugs all systems during electrical storms.


PROOFING IS THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CLIENT whether artwork supplied by AZHG, a customer or third party. QR Codes, Bar Codes or any other scannable item must be checked and verified by client. By signing the proof, customer agrees to accept the job as-is. All errors must be noted on the first proof, as error correction is free one time only. Any changes after first proofing acceptance/error correction are considered an update and charged for accordingly. Only those items which are proofed, and signed or verbal approval is given, will be printed. Arizona House of Graphix is not liable for any loss due to errors in typography, graphics or photography. Fax proofs may omit or show additional items, resize items, or lighten/darken screens. Proofing via fax is not guaranteed to match final printed copy. Email proofs may not render an accurate representation, as colors vary from screen to screen. In the event an error is not corrected before submitting the work for additional services, there will be a charge for the correction and the job will not be discounted if resubmitted. Digital print proofs are strongly recommended. AZHG will not be responsible for undetected production errors if: proofs are not required by the customer; the work is printed per the customer’s okay; or requests for changes are communicated orally.


Print jobs are subject to 10% over or underruns, including those with customer supplied stock. Both underruns and overruns are billed accordingly. When customer requests standard ink colors and does not specify PMS color, or accepts color choice other than in person, ink color used will be considered acceptable by the customer. PMS inks chosen are subject to slight variations in colors due to aging of ink, paper stock, humidity and other conditions. This is to be expected, and shall constitute acceptable delivery. Gang-run items are subject to variances from order to order. Process printing simulates PMS colors but cannot guarantee matching.


Customers provide materials at their own risk. All CSM’s considered experimental and not guaranteed compatible with our processes, and will not be replaced if results are undesireable. We spend the same time and money to attempt to print on CSM’s, so we offer no compensation, discounts or replacements if undesireable results occur. Customer-supplied paper must be delivered according to specifications furnished by the provider. These specifications will include correct weight, thickness, size, overs, and other technical requirements.


Correctness of customer supplied (including files supplied by customer’s Graphic Designer or other third party), or camera-ready art is solely the customer’s responsibility. We print what we are given, as-is, without inspection or alerting the customer of any problems. AZHG is not responsible for errors in any aspect of artwork submitted by customer, including improper or missing elements, improper columns, unusable file types, invalid mailing layouts, spelling, low resolution output, incomplete or incorrect copy. Any materials furnished by the customer must be usable by the provider without alteration or repair. Items not meeting these requirements will be repaired by the customer, or by AZHG at our current rates. Items not ready for output, according to layout specs, are subject to layout fee. *NOTE: Color and other factors of actual printed items will vary from run to run. Printed items may not match monitor, nor other media types, for example, shirts will not match business cards, which may not match vehicle magnets, etc.. Web resolution at 72 dpi is not print resolution, and files at 72dpi will result in poor quality print. Please ask for Resolution Info Sheet for more information.


Print Brokers with a valid Tax ID number will be given special discounts. Discounts provided as a result of volume, and streamlined ordering process. To qualify for these discounts, Brokers must: Pick up and deliver their jobs, prepay for all jobs in full and not require alterations to artwork. Contact between AZHG and Broker’s customers is prohibited. AZHG assumes that Broker understands all printing, typography, output and other terms and issues related to the industry. AZHG does not review, edit, nor correct materials supplied by Broker. Broker may not pass along wholesale prices to their client. Market value must be maintained by Brokers.


Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all outside purchases as requested, agreed to or authorized by the customer, such as long distance calls, transmissions, on-line time or service searching/coordination are chargeable.


Full color items are subject to differences in screen colors vs. final output and printed material. It is customers responsibility to examine proof prior to submitting to outside services. If AZHG error results in incorrect output, AZHG’s liability will be limited to outputting corrected version of file.


Customer assumes any and all liability for signs, banners or items for outdoor use. Client should consult local zoning and codes for their area. AZHG does not guarantee legal use, including size, content, behavior, mechanism or placement of any item such as A-frame signs, Feather Flags, Bandit signs, etc, or vehicle graphics, or building graphics installed on walls, windows or any facia or other structures, nor signs held by people.


Arizona House of Graphix does not guarantee prices, turnaround times, policies, accuracy, availability or quality when a project is submitted to outside parties. Customers agree to adhere to said vendors policies. Arizona House of Graphix is not liable for any loss due to problems arising from vendors or outside parties. Vendors used are considered a trade secret and may not be used or contacted by AZHG customers or Brokers.


All artwork, design, digital media, media, and all other items created or supplied by AZHG remain the exclusive property of AZHG unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, prior to creation. AZHG may reuse layout and design for other customers, unless client requests, in writing, that said design be copyrighted, trademarked for use only by them. Unless customer also specifies in writing at time of order, AZHG has the right to use customer designs, photos of finished jobs, and printed materials for marketing purposes, including social media, our websites, lobby and printed pieces and mailers. The hourly rate reflects labor and one original hard copy. All files created by AZHG are kept in the form of digital archives for up to 1 year unless client requests deletion. However, provider is not obligated to archive any digital files for any period of time, so client may request a digital copy. If permanent or long term archival is required, customer must request this service in writing and additional charges will be assessed. Once a file is deleted from our archives, retrieval is impossible.


Arizona House of Graphix offers limited FREE delivery to retail customers inside limited delivery area in Tucson for jobs exceeding or estimated to exceed $250 in value. Delivery times scheduled are approximate and are not guaranteed. In the event a scheduled delivery can not be made, AZHG will notify client as soon as possible for cancellation or rescheduling of delivery. Arizona House of Graphix is not liable for any losses due to late or missed scheduled pick-up/delivery times. Jobs under $250 will incur current delivery rates, plus mileage if outside delivery area. Please inquire. In all cases, someone must be available to sign for items. Delivery attempts with no signature will incur additional delivery charges. Jobs must be paid in full for partial pickup.


AZHG does not offer long term storage. Finished jobs must be picked up within 10 days of completion. In the event that a job must be stored at AZHG, a $10/week fee will be assessed. Larger orders may incur additional storage fees. Unpaid storage fees releases AZHG from any liability due to damage or loss of items. After 90 days, all items left at AZHG may be destroyed or recycled. Client is still liable for payment for services, even if items were recycled or removed.


T-shirts and other items using digital and heat transfer process are for novelty use only. AZHG warrants that the item will be of reasonable quality as would be expected for gift-giving, one-time events and novelties. For business shirts or long term use, please inquire about screen printing, vinyl or embroidery.


By signing the delivery receipt or accepting the job, the customer acknowledges that the provider’s performance has fully satisfied all terms, conditions, and specifications, and that the job is correct and complete. An agent of AZHG may also note when job is received by customer. Customer signature is not required as proof of delivery. Problems must be reported within 3 business days for consideration of reprint or other solution.

Liability AND CREDITS:

Disclaimer of Implied Warranties: The provider warrants only that the work will conform to the description contained in the purchase order within acceptable industry standards. The provider’s maximum liability, whether by negligence, contract, or otherwise, will not exceed the amount invoiced for the work in dispute. Under no circumstances will the provider be liable for specific, individual, or consequential damages. No refunds are given on printing, design or other services. Credits, when applicable, are valid for 90 days only and for no more than the amount in question. Latest terms available on www.azhg.com and supercede the above.

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